Megyn Kelly Slams Stephen Colbert Congres Testimony


Megyn Kelly Slams Stephen Colbert Congres Testimony – Megyn Kelly is not happy with the testimony that Steven Colbert gave before Congress regarding immigration and migrant workers in the United States. He took to the stage and mostly delivered jokes to Congress, instead of ditching his act and speaking candidly about his feelings on the subject. Colbert is a pretty sharp guy, but apparently was not smart enough to realize that he should drop his act instead of wasting the dollars of taxpayers around the world.

During her show, “America Live,” Megyn Kelly spoke out against the testimony, admitting that it may have been “hilarious to some” but also said that it was “a huge waste of taxpayer time and money.”

During his testimony Colbert was asked to leave, but then other committee members asked that he be allowed to stay. While Colbert was talking about very real issues, he did so in a joking manner that was likely to draw more attention to his own show than to give his opinion on the policy changes that the country needs.

There was one moment at the end of his testimony, during which he said that he thought that we should issue more visas to migrant workers who are willing to do the jobs that many Americans are not, instead of ousting them from the country. It will be interesting to see if Colbert continues to be criticized for his humorous exchange with the Congressional committee.