Eddie Long Lawsuit – Georgia Pastor Fighting Sex Scandal


Eddie Long Lawsuit – Georgia Pastor Fighting Sex Scandal – Bishop Eddie Long, the pastor who has been accused of using his power within the church to try to seduce several young men, has said that he is innocent of the charges against him and has also said that he is planning on fighting the accusations made against him in the lawsuits.

He has been accused by four different young men. Each of them claim that they were invited to join Long on a number of vacations both in the United States and internationally. They also claim that they were given expensive gifts by Long that included technology devices and cars.

Long then allegedly used these gifts to help him convince them to engage in a sexual relationship with him. He has vehemently denied these claims through his representation but has avoided speaking publicly about the incident for the most part.

Shortly after the claims were made, the lawyer of one of the boys leaked a number of pictures that Long had sent the boy online. In the pictures, Long can been seen wearing a spandex workout suit that is very tight, but is not overtly sexual.

It will be interesting to see how Long continues to respond to the allegations against him. As one of the most prominent African American Baptist pastors in the United States, it came as a shock when these accusations were made against him. Almost immediately, members of his church stepped forward to express their skepticism regarding the claims and many of them said that they believe that Long is innocent.