Theresa Parker Body Found


Theresa Parker Body Found – The body of Theresa Parker has been found in Georgia, after the dispatcher first went missing in 2007. Her skeletal remains were found scattered along the Chattanooga river. While it may not have been the ending that friends and family were hoping for, it does allow them to finally put her to rest and to move on with their lives.

An investigative team received a call from a farmer who had been going through the area near the state border, looking for driftwood, and instead came across a jawbone. It had been quite some time since she disappeared, but since that time a number of different agencies have worked together to investigate her case.

Officials have not given out any more details regarding the crime scene. A forensic review team will be coming in to comb over the area. Her former husband, Sam Parker, was convicted of her murder last year and was sentenced to life in prison. At the time, no body had been found.

Her husband had been a police officer who had a history of domestic and alcohol abuse. The couple was in the middle of getting a divorce when she disappeared on March 21st, 2007.

There has been no comment from her ex-husband as to how he feels about her body being found. The court case made it fairly conclusive that he was to blame for her disappearance.