Stink Bugs Taking Over


Stink Bugs Taking Over – While bed bugs have been the most heavily covered bug epidemic by the media, several Mid-Atlantic States are now reporting an infestation of stink bugs in the region. The bugs are looking for a place to stay warm over the course of the winter, and have entered the homes of thousands of Americans.

The bugs give off a foul smell, especially when they are crushed. The smell also reportedly attracts more of the creatures.

Stink bugs first arrived from China in the 1990s and have no natural predators in the United States. Although they are harmless to humans, they are considered to be pests because of their offensive odor that is used by the bugs as a defense mechanism to ward off other creations.

In America the bugs have thrived as they were not a normal piece of the ecosystem, and should continue to make their annual entrance into your house each autumn from here on out.

Fortunately insecticides will kill the bugs, but they will not be able to ward off the smell that the bugs let out when they die. A number of products have hit the market aimed at dealing with the smells that the stink bugs put out. Most of them place the bugs in a vacuum and allow you to place to bugs outside in order to dispose of them. Crushing the bugs only releases the smell further and can cause problems with your neighbors if you do it in front of your residence.