Jesse Jackson Jr. Giovana Huidobro Affair – New Scandal


Jesse Jackson Jr. Giovana Huidobro Affair – New Scandal – Jesse Jackson Jr. has denied allegations that he offered to help raise money for Rod Blagojevich so that he could fill the Senate position that was left vacant by Barack Obama when he took the office of President. It was on Tuesday that the reports first surfaced stating that Jackson Jr. had agreed to raise more than $6 million for Blagojevich.

Included in the reports were references to a female acquaintance and his relationship with her. Jackson apologized for the inclusion of that story in the report, but went on to say that it was solely a “private and personal matter.”

The offer for $6 million was reportedly made to Raghuveer Nayak, whose name was mentioned by the prosecution in the trial against Rod Blagojevich. The meeting in question was referenced during the trial as evidence that Blagojevich had attempted to sell the position to the highest bidder, but Jackson Jr.’s inclusion in the story was never divulged to the public.

Jackson said that he would never waste his time raising money for a campaign that was not his own, and said that he did not take part in the meeting that was referenced in the report. Nayak, the man who was supposedly in the meeting with Jackson, has openly said that Jackson was in the meeting before, and that he twice paid for a female “social acquaintance” of Jackson’s, who engaged in sexual activities with Nayak. Jackson has denied that he knew anything about their personal relationship but has asked that the matter remain private.