4chan Puts MPAA Website Down


4chan Puts MPAA Website Down – The popular website 4 Chan is known for not being afraid to express their beliefs and even protest things that they do not agree with. Now, the group has executed attacks this morning on the Motion Picture Association of America. They were attacked in an effort to combat the anti-piracy measures that the organization has placed on movies in recent years.

They have attacked a number of other sites in the past as well included YouTube, Twitter, and a number of other popular services. They tend to overwhelm the websites, and force them to go over their allotted bandwidth amounts.

The attacks were made by thousands of different users at once. Most of them used an application called Low Orbit Ion Cannon, which is used to overwhelm websites with a barrage of traffic that is not real, but eats up bandwidth nonetheless.

Aiplex was their first warm-up target. They were able to use the same measures on the company that they took on a number of pirating websites that commonly pirate the material of Hollywood. They admitted to targeting bit torrent search engines with DDoS attacks of their own, overwhelming websites, and now their own website has suffered the same fate

Now they went after the MPAA. It will be interesting to see if their point is heard, and how much damage they really do.