Hurricane Karl Update


Hurricane Karl Update – Hurricane Karl ran through Mexico’s Gulf Coast on Friday, killing at least two individual in its path. The country had to shut down a number of locations to deal with the storm, including oil rigs and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as a nuclear power plant.
The storm lost strength as it made its way inland throughout Friday.

The cyclone was supposed to dissipate once it reached the mountains, but officials have said that they are gearing up for more flash floods in order to remain prepared. Hospitals on the region have been placed on alert and have sent workers to figure out where the most likely locations are for potential flash floods.
The region has seen mass flooding accompanied by a number of landslides.

The two who died were a 61 year old woman and a two year old girl. Two others were injured severely in the storms but are expected to live.

Hurricane Karl

The storm had winds as high as 115 MPH, knocking down power lines and billboards. Most of the damage was seen in Veracruz, which got the worst of the storms power. People in the area said that they had not seen a storm as powerful since Hurricane Janet, which hit the region in 1955.

Officials have still not been able to put a tally on the amount of damage that the storm has caused. The heaviest damage was dealt to coastal towns north of the port.