Hempfest Boston 2010 Is Here


Hempfest Boston 2010 Is Here – Hempfest in Boston is a festival that focuses on the legalization of Hemp, and of course also has a focus on Marijuana as well. This is the 21st annual time that the festival has been held, and it started again today at noon. The festival is said to last anywhere from 12 to 18 hours, and police will be on hand.

The big event has two stages that are set up with speakers and music, and a number of live acts will be performing. The music that will be featured will be from a number of different genres, but the reason behind their playing is all the same.

One stage will feature the old school hip hop group Onyx. The group was well known in the 1990s and is still active in music today.

The tickets to get in will cost $100, and the festival is openly allowing people to smoke marijuana during the festivities. Keep in mind that the festival is a prime location for cops to do undercover stings and busts.

Boston is known as a college town, and many of the people who will be attending the event will be college aged. It certainly makes for an interesting festival. The music will be good, and the party element of the Boston Hempfest 2010 will be in full effect. Alcohol will not be served at the event.