Master Chef Winner 2010 – Whitney Miller


Master Chef Winner 2010 – Whitney Miller – Surprisingly, Whitney Miller was able to win the Master Chef competition on Fox on Wednesday night. Her competition was David Miller, a 29 year old software engineer from Boston also is a student. The two of them squared off for the coveted title of Master Chef. The contestants were asked to cook their three best dishes including an appetizer, entree and dessert.

Whitney went with a corn cake, country fried chicken and a break budding for desert. David went a little more traditional with his choices, cooking scallops ceviche, beef wellington and nectarine crepes.

Coming down to the final minutes of the competition things remained close. Whitney threw her chicken in with just ten minutes left but was able to finish just in the nick of time. The judges were very fond of the food that she cooked, and said that she knows how to cook her best dishes very well.

They were initially worried about her buttermilk chicken and collard greens, saying that she would not have time to cook it in seven mi9nutes. She proved everyone wrong when she was able to get it done and ready to eat in less time.

It was a wonderful ending to a great season of Master Chef, which has become one of the networks most popular shows since it premiered. It will be interesting to see who they bring on or the next season of the show.