Johns Hopkins Hospital Shooting


Johns Hopkins Hospital Shooting – A man killed himself and his mother after shooting a doctor at the world’s famous Johns Hopkins Hospital. The incident reportedly took place after the man had been briefed about this mothers worsening condition. While the doctor was trying to explain the circumstances to the man, he reportedly became distraught, and then pulled a semi-automatic weapon from his waist band and shot the doctor in the stomach.

After shooting the doctor, he holed himself up in his mother’s hospital room for more than two hours. Police slowly made their way toward the room as they evacuated the hospital only to find that the man had shot himself and his mother.

It was not immediately clear what his mother was being treated for. Officers did not hear the fatal gunshots, and it was not immediately clear if the weapon that was used by the man had a silencer or not. The name of the doctor was not released but it was reported that he suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and is expected to live without any major damage.

The man who committed the shooting, Paul Warren Pardus, was 50 years old. His mother, Jean Davis, was 84 years old. He had no prior criminal record beyond a number of moving traffic violations, but it is clear that he had some serious mental problems judging from the incident.
The hospital first opened in 1889 and is part of a $5 billion medical system.