Church Of Body Modification – Teen’s Piercings Religion


Church Of Body Modification – Teen’s Piercings Religion – A new strange church named the Church of Body Modification has inspired teens around the world to pierce themselves. To most, the ritual is all about self-esteem and spiritual growth. The church says that body modification is way to express yourself through piercing or changing the shape of your body. Richard Ivey III, a minister at the church, said that body modification is all about the mind body and soul.

“Sometimes what you do to the body can strengthen the mind and soul or bring the mind and soul into harmony with the body,” he said.

It is a strange new trend that has been making its way slowly across the country. A number of documentaries popularized the practice over the course of the last several years and many young people have taken the concept and run with it. It will be interesting to see how large the church can become in the future.

14 year old Ariana Locono has been taking part in the festivities that are sponsored by the church for quite some time. She calls her nose piercing a religious symbol, but her high school did not see it that way. After piercing her nose, she was suspended when she arrived at school for violating the school’s dress code policy.