Chase Website Problems With Online Banking Solved?


Chase Website Problems With Online Banking Solved? – The online banking site for JPMorgan Chase has been dealing with a number of technical issues over the course of the last few days. Currently, it is one of the longest outages that has ever been suffered by a large commercial operation. It was expected that the company would have the site running and operational again within only a few hours, but it has not taken much longer than originally expected. Now, they have placed a warning on their website that has asked customers to “log on later.”

Their services went out several days ago, and came on again at some point last night. The company has not released why the outages have been happening, and the company has urged customers to use phones to manage their funds while they sort the situation out.

The cause of the outage was not immediately clear, but the bank assured customers that their accounts were safe from attack. Twitter has had thousands of people take to the service to complain about the outage.

Some of the questions that many are asking is whether or not their automatic bill pay will continue to work despite the fact that they cannot log in. Chase urged customers to call customer support if they have detailed questions about how to handle the situation, and have set up a number of call centers to deal with the influx of calls.

A bank the size of Chase is usually quick to fix any outages and get everything back on track. It is interesting that it has taken so long for the company to fix the issues.