Lady Gaga VMA Outfit – VMA Fashion 2010


Lady Gaga VMA Outfit – VMA Fashion 2010 – It is no secret that Lady Gaga enjoys being controversial. Most of the time, she uses her unique fashion sense to add to this controversy. However, her raw meat dress that she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards may have been her most head-scratching move to date. She had to have known that she would quickly come under fire from the various animal rights organizations when she wore it.

A representative for PETA has already been quoted as saying that her dress probably started to stink at some point during the show. He also went on to say that the dress probably had maggots in it. Although a representative for Gaga has yet to respond to the comment, Gaga likely expected that type of criticism when she put the dress on.

When her “Bad Romance,” song won the award for video of the year, Gag walked up on stage wearing the meat dress. The award had been presented to her by Cher, who cringed when Gaga went to hug her. While accepting the award, she asked Cher if she would hold her meat purse.

“I never thought I would be asking Cher to hold my meat purse,” Gaga said when she first got to the mic.
It was certainly an interesting choice of dress that solidifies Gaga as the wildest person in Hollywood. Even the most brazen stars wouldn’t dare wear a dress that was made out of raw meat.