Terry Jones Daughter Emma Jones Slams Koran Burning Pastor


Terry Jones Daughter Emma Jones Slams Koran Burning Pastor – The daughter of Terry Jones, the pastor who has threatened to hold an event burning copies of the Quran, has claimed that her father is not in a stable mental position and that he needs help. Emma Jones currently lives in Germany and recently divulged that she emailed her father begging him to drop his plans to burn the holy book. He did not reply to the email. Emma has been estranged from her father for quite some time.

Terry Jones faced quite a bit of heat after he announced his event, but eventually backed down after he was promised that the location of the “Ground zero Mosque” would be moved. However, when he found out that the person who made the promise didn’t have the power to ensure that it happened, he said that he was rethinking his stance.

“I think he has gone mad,” Emma Jones said of her father.

Emma Jones said that the community that her father had built throughout her lifetime was not always as it is today. She left for Germany to study, and claims that when she returned the church had undergone a sect-like transformation. She also went on to say that the things that her father preached about were not biblical in the least. She described the scene as “religious delusion,” and said that she thought of it as “typical evidence of s sect.”

It will be interesting to see how Terry Jones responds to the comments that were made by his daughter. Could Terry Jones have some underlying psychological problems that drive his stubbornness?