Google Dots


Google Dots – A new Google doodle is available today and is causing quite a stir. The Google doodle has not received this much attention since the Pac-Man game went live on its 30th anniversary. Today, a number of balls will bounce around the page when you put your mouse over them, and when you leave them alone they will return to make the shape of the Google logo. Some have questioned what the new doodle symbolizes.

Google usually only updates their page to celebrate a holiday, anniversary or some other historical event. Today, their doodle marks the date of their incorporation, a date that was celebrated as their birthday right up until 2005. It was at that time that they opted to celebrate their birthday on September 27th; the day that their site launched.

It is interesting that they would not provide some type of explanation on their homepage as to why the doodle is present today. It is one of their most innovative doodles yet, and it uses the popular HTML 5 technology to load the animation as you load the web page. Google has been at the forefront of pushing HTML 5 as the coding medium of the future, and they have proven its ingenuity with a number of their latest doodles.

The bouncing balls follow the American flag that they had on their page yesterday for Labor Day. It will be interesting to see what other kinds of ingenious doodles the company will place on their homepage in the future.