Sarah Palin Neighbor Joe Mcginnis Leaving Alaska


Sarah Palin Neighbor Joe Mcginnis Leaving Alaska – Joe Mcginnis, the unwanted neighbor of Sarah Palin has left his home after living there for three and a half months. He had been renting the house next to the Palin home. He had written a magazine called Portfolio which profiled the Palin family. He had been a nuisance the family since he moved in, and they did not hide their dissatisfaction with their new neighbor that often awkwardly pried into their lives.

He is now headed back to Massachusetts where he will reportedly write a book about the former Vice Presidential candidate and supposed future Presidential candidate.

Based on his piece in “Portfolio,” most have ventured to guess that his piece will not be a flattering one. He first made news when he moved in next store to the family and announced that he would be writing a book about him. The family quickly accused him of stalking them, and there was a reported confrontation with Todd Palin. The Palins also extended their fence to ensure that he would not have a view of their back yard.

McGinnis denied the accusations that he had been stalking the family, but did point out that he did not need to live next to the family. He was obviously looking for a reaction from the family, which he reportedly got when he was confronted by Todd Palin. It will be interesting to see what details he uncovered in his time living next to the family.