Jan Brewer Debate Meltdown: Arizona Governor Debate


Jan Brewer Debate Meltdown: Arizona Governor Debate – The Arizona GOP Governor, Jan Brewer, has gotten herself into hot water with a debate introduction that has begun making its way around the Internet. Brewer recently went into a debate with her Democratic opponent, Terry Goddard, who went after Brewer for weaving intricate tales about the massive crime in Arizona, including tales of beheadings of illegal immigrants in the desert.

Unfortunately for Brewer, she did not respond to Goddard’s accusations or questions well, and the videos popping up on YouTube are mainly of the accusatory nature, crying out about how embarrassing Brewer’s performance was.

Goddard called Brewer out about the crime reports she spread, saying, “What is hurting us right now…are… false statements made by Jan Brewer, about how Arizona has become so violent, that we are a place of fear, and we have beheadings in the desert.

Those are false statements. They cause people to think that Arizona is a dangerous place, and they don’t come here, and they don’t invest here…And, Jan, I call on you to today to say, there are no beheadings. That was a false statement, and it needs to be called out right now.”