Glenn Beck George Washington Lie: Glenn Beck Admits Lying


Glenn Beck George Washington Lie: Glenn Beck Admits Lying – Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann have exchanged words via their talk shows on many different occasions, but a recent accusation by Olbermann that Beck lied garnered a different response than most people would expect.

During Beck’s recent Restoring honor rally, Keith Olbermann noticed that Beck had claimed that he held the inaugural address that was written by George Washington at the National Archives. Of course, this is impossible and no one is allowed to hold such a historic piece.

The truth of the matter, as explained by Beck, was that the piece was actually held in front of him by someone else.

Olbermann quickly called him out, and Beck responded by saying that Olbermann was right, which might be a first for them. Although the accusation was more playful banter than a call out, it is interesting that Beck would even choose to acknowledge the situation.

It really was not of that much importance and half of Olbermann’s show is jokingly calling out the opposition.
Beck said that Olbermann “once again, caught him.” With Beck launching a new website titled The Blaze, which will reportedly be a right-leaning news website, he is eager to get his name into any publication that he can. Beck’s popularity has never been higher, and he continues to capitalize on the media attention that he has received in the wake of his controversial Restoring Honor rally.