Demonizing Alex Jones


Demonizing Alex Jones – ABC’s “Nightline” recently took aim at the world’s most known conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. Some have said that they did not do the greatest job of exposing Jones as a crook, while others have said that their special changed their opinion on Jones. They described the type of news that he covers on his show as “paranoia porn” and took aim at a number of his more popular theories.

The network claimed that he was giving ammo that helped stupid people decide to do stupid things. They even referenced the recent incident involving James Lee, who took over the Discovery Channel headquarters by force before he was eventually killed by a SWAT team. He was a psychotic environmentalist who had been arrested in front of the station’s headquarters before.

Jones claims that the global elite are in the process of establishing world government. These claims were made out to be ridiculous on the recent ABC “Dateline” special. Of course, Jones supporters quickly fired back with a number of news reports, including one from the Wall Street Journal that claimed that the Copenhagen Agreement was the beginning stages of a “transnational government on a scale that we have never seen before.”

It will be interesting to see how Jones fires back at the network. Surely, he will direct more attention to ABC and claim that the network is making attempts to discredit him because he knows too much. The real question is, if Alex Jones knew so much about the inner workings of the government, why has he not been dealt with?