Hurricane Earl 2010: Latest Hurricane Earl Projected Path


Hurricane Earl 2010: Latest Hurricane Earl Projected Path – The first evacuations have begun to take place along the outlying islands along the United States coast. Many states along the coast line have begun to make preparations against the impending arrival of Hurricane Earl, in the hopes of riding it out.

Hurricane Watches and warnings have been posted from the Carolinas all the way up to Maine. Statewide emergencies were declared in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina, with the states ordering all residents and tourists to evacuate the outer banks.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a 40% chance that the storm will grace New York City, however the odds increase as the storm begins to slide westward. It is expected that Earl could hit the eastern part of Long Island on Friday.

The American Red Cross were getting ready to open up to 50 shelters there, if they prove to be needed.
Oddly enough, many surfers have decided to take advantage of the massive waves that the storm is rolling in, with people chasing the perfect wave from New Jersey to Montauk.

Although Earl was downgraded to a Category 3 storm yesterday, it has recently been upgraded to a Category 4 once again.

According to the latest updates from weather experts Hurricane Earl 2010 will hit parts Of New York, Massachusetts and is already hitting North Carolina.