Ed Schultz Takes On Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally


Ed Schultz Takes On Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally – Glenn Beck and Ed Schultz can both be described as controversial figures. Now, the two of them are having a war of words. Schultz, like Beck, hosts a radio show and a cable news show, but does not have the same following that Beck does. He caused a stir this week by saying that he would have no problem gathering the same size of crowd that Beck did to the Washington Mall.

He said during one of his shows that he would use the internet to rally people to the location, suggesting that he has more pull than Glenn Beck. Even though estimates have stated that there were 300,000 people at the rally, third party estimations have placed the amount closer to 90,000. The station likely chose to inflate the numbers to garner media attention to the rally once it had ended.

Although both Schultz and Beck have very differing viewpoints, they do agree on a limited number of subjects. It is interesting that Schultz would chose to attack Beck openly in the media now though, immediately following the conclusion of his rally and the launching of his new website, The Blaze.

Beck’s celebrity has never been bigger, and Schultz does not garner the ratings that Beck does. Despite his clams, this is not a war of words that Schultz will be able to win.