Jon Cash Fired


Jon Cash Fired – Jon Cash, a well-known weather man for WAVY-TV has been fired after having spent more than 20 years working for the station. The news was posted on his website.The preacher stated in his press release that details regarding his termination would be made known in the coming weeks.
The general manager of the station has yet to comment on the firing, but has confirmed that Cash is no longer working for the station. He had a strong local following, and it is surprising that the station would choose to fire one of their most well-known figures.

Cash said that he would be fully dedicating himself to his preaching and to God in the wake of his firing from his job. He encouraged his fans to make donations to him to help him and his family through the trying time. Almost immediately, fans of Cash spoke out about his firing, and even created a “Bring Back Jon Cash” page on Facebook. Within 24 hours of his announcement he had garnered over 1,000 fans on the page.

It will be interesting to find out what exactly he did to deserve the termination. It is not often that a news station will fire their most popular anchor, which has led some to speculate that there must be more behind the firing than has been released thus far.