Illegal Immigration Down 67%


Illegal immigration Down 67% – A recent study has shown that illegal immigration has decreased across the board, except for in Texas. The state’s proximity to the border makes it easier for illegal immigrants to enter the state and thus harder to control as well. The flow of illegal immigrants into the US has likely slowed because of a number of laws that have been initiated in states like Arizona, which claims that they have been negatively affected by illegal immigrants entering the state.
The report was issued by the Pew Hispanic Center. The organization decided not to name their reasoning behind the slowed immigration. Based on their data, they estimated that 11.1 million immigrants currently reside in the US illegally.

During a time when illegal immigration is a heavily debated subject, and is also one that has caused intense debate regarding unemployment, the data shows promise in the eyes of many Americans. It will be interesting to see how the findings of the report affect policy from this point forward.

Mexican officials have speculated that Texas is a destination state for many immigrants who are looking for work. Because the recession has not hit Texas as hard as other states, there is likely a lot of work available for them in Texas. With their jobless rate sitting far below the national average, at 8.2%, the state is enticing for those who are looking for work.

While Texas continues to have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, the state also has the highest number of illegal immigrants. A connection between the two has not been established at this point.