Peter Lenz Crash:Teen Motorcycle Racer Dead


Peter Lenz Crash:Teen Motorcycle Racer Dead – Peter Lenz has died at the age of 13 after suffering injuries that were “traumatic.” The report has been confirmed by the local coroner’s office, and is another example of a very tragic situation that occurred at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The incident happened during the warm up for the race where Lenz reportedly fell off of his bike during the and then was driven over by Xavier Zayat. Emergency workers were immediately on the scene and attempted to stabilize the boy with the neck brace, but ultimately their attempts failed.

Witnesses have said that the boy did not die until he was on his way to the hospital.
The teen motorcycle rider was already a veteran to the sport, and had won a number of different races throughout his short career. He was from Vancouver, Washington, and was planning on taking part in the race later that day.

Lenz is the youngest racer to be killed at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The venue has been open since 1909, and has been used by various types of racing leagues since that time. The family posted a message to his Facebook page, saying that the world has lost “one of its brightest,” and said that he died doing what he loved.

He was a well-known racer and the tragedy is unfortunate. He had a bright career ahead of him in racing, and this incident will likely force the speedway to review some of their rules regarding teenagers racing on the track.