Two Moons 2010 Hoax: Email Creates Internet Frenzy On August 27


Two Moons 2010 Hoax: Email Creates Internet Frenzy On August 27 – Rumors have been floating around that there were two moons visible last night. That cannot be true, because there is only one moon for our planet. So what was the other, reddish moon that you saw in the night sky last night? That would be Mars. The planet was more visible last night than it had been in years, and it was so large that some mistook the planet for a second, red moon.

The rumor is that rarely two moons will appear in the night sky. Of course, the rumor does not detail where the second moon comes from, only that it is visible every so often. Despite the fact that media sources reported heavily on the appearance of Mars last night, everyone did not hear about it and some were fooled into thinking it was a second moon.

Mars did not appear as large as the moon last night, and most said that it resembled a red, large, glowing star instead. Currently, Mars is about 314 million KM away from Earth, and despite its large size, it is not large enough to resemble a moon.

The next time Mars will be as close as it was last night will be in 2287, so if you missed the boat, you will probably never have another chance to see shining in the night sky as it did last night. Luckily, there were plenty of pictures of the planet taken, and the photos are available on various media sites across the web.