Offutt Air Show 2010 Opens


Offutt Air Show 2010 Opens – The Offutt Air Show of 2010 is a highly anticipated event, filled with unique planes and never before seen aerial stunts. The show features a number of highly trained pilots that pilot aircrafts like the F-18/A Hornet, Thunderbird and F-22 Raptor. F-22’s are rarely used in flight shows, but regularly appear at the Offutt Air Show. They are considered to be a crowd favorite.

Along with the highly advanced planes that will be performing at the show, there will also be a number of vintage planes. One of the most popular stunts performed using vintage planes is the Pirate Skies Wing Walker. The stunt involves a performer walking on the wings of the vintage aircraft while it is in flight, and is a very dangerous maneuver that is known for wowing crowds.

The main event of the show involves the fighter planes doing a number of aerial stunts at high velocities. Some of the planes that will be used in the performance have the ability to go supersonic, and the pilots will have to carefully navigate the planes to within inches of one another while in flight. Although it may appear to be dangerous, the pilots are highly trained and have been working on their routines all year long in anticipation for air shows.

The Offutt air show is an all-around good time for everyone involved, and is regarded as one of the best air shows in the United States. Their huge roster of different planes makes the air show very unique.