Glenn Beck Rally Attendance: 87000 Restoring Honor on 8-28 Rally


Glenn Beck Rally Attendance: 87000 Restoring Honor on 8-28 Rally – Tens of thousands of activists from the American right went to Washington on Saturday for a demonstration to “restore the honor” of the country, on the scene of the famous speech “I Have A Dream” by Martin Luther King 47 years later.

The rally was linked to the Tea Party, an ultraconservative movement with populist overtones which was organized in opposition to the Obama administration.

The choice of date has raised controversy in the black community. Indeed, the main organizer of the rally, Glenn Beck, has shocked more than once, accusing Barack Obama of being racist against whites for example. In addition, the popular radio and Fox News host has often denounced the churches that advocate social justice, a central part of Martin Luther King’s message.


Many speakers, including the niece of the famous pastor, however, have invoked the memory of the civil rights leader of the 60s. The former Republican candidate for Vice-President Sarah Palin even said that she was feeling “the spirit of Martin Luther King.”

The ceremony was a tribute to American troops on mission abroad, and soaring policy messages was more rare than expected. The organizers also requested that no banners be displayed.

The 8/28 Glenn Beck Rally attracted 87000 people according to early estimates.

Another event, organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton, a black activist, was also scheduled in the afternoon in Washington to mark the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech.