Tropical Storm Earl 2010: TS Earl Forms in Atlantic


Tropical Storm Earl 2010: TS Earl Forms in Atlantic – With Hurricane Danielle still in our rear-view, the attention has shifted to Tropical Storm Earl. It is the seventh Tropical Depression of the season, according to the National Hurricane Center. The storm will continue to gain strength, and could be considered a hurricane as early as Friday.

As of right now, Earl is harmless and is well out in the Atlantic Ocean and presently does not pose a risk to any land. There are no coastal watches and no coastal warnings related to the storm at this point.

As of right now, the highest sustained winds are sitting at around 40 MPH in Tropical Storm Earl. Of the 7 Tropical Depressions so far this year, Tropical Storm Earl is the fifth tropical storm in the Atlantic basin this season.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Frank was upgraded to a hurricane. It has been over land in Mexico, but intensified as it headed out into the Pacific Ocean. Thankfully, the storm was not stronger when it was over land.

Tropical Storm Frank managed to kill four people in Mexico, and has negatively affected as many as $30,000.

There have been some reports of damage as a result of the storm, but no official tally on how much damage has been released.

The National Hurricane Center will be keeping a close eye on Earl, but has said that they do not believe that the storm will pose any sort of risk over the course of the next five days.