Mary Bale British Cat Woman Dumper Needs Protection


Mary Bale British Cat Woman Dumper Needs Protection – No one likes to see an animal treated cruelly, and what one old lady did to a cat had a neighborhood up in arms, as well as many others world wide.

The old lady in question Mary Bale was caught, on camera, patting the cat gently before grabbing the scruff of his neck, throwing him into the bin casually, and shutting the lid on the bin, trapping the cat for a 15 hours.

The owners of the cat heard muffled meows coming from outside, after not seeing the cat for sometime. Going to investigated, the cat was found unharmed, but distressed after the ordeal.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is prosecuting the case on behalf of the cat, claiming the cat was trapped for a long, 15 hour stretch.

Due to the community’s reaction, police have had to set up a watch program on the home of the lady in question, with patrol cars driving by as well as guards stationed there. An announcement from the Coventry Police department to the public went as follows:

“Coventry Police are supporting the society’s investigation and would urge the public to leave the matter to be dealt with in the appropriate manner by the authorities,” the West Midlands police department said in a statement.