Maria Venus Raj : Miss Philippines 2010 Answer – Miss Universe 2010


Maria Venus Raj : Miss Philippines 2010 Answer – Miss Universe 2010 – Miss Philippines was a huge hit last night during the Miss Universe 2010 pageant. Unfortunately, she gave an answer during the final question that may have eliminated her from the competition. The question was what the biggest mistake of her life was, and what she would do to correct the mistake. She answered by saying that in her 22 years, she had never made a mistake that she considered to be “major.” While she may have been being honest in her own eyes, that certainly was not the answer that the judges were looking for. If anything, she should have made something up.

Miss Philippines 2010 Venus Raj

You would think that she would have some sort of similar answer prepared for the question, as it is a common one in these types of competitions. The fans and audience loved her, but she did not give the judges the type of answer that they are looking for. Most of her answers were accompanied by some sort of laugh, and she was very charismatic on stage. Her presentation was as good as could be, but her answers to the questions were sub-par and could have been better. She certainly needed to be sharper if she wanted to secure a victory in the Miss Universe competition.

She went on to say that her confidence and her family were the reasons behind her never having made a mistake. In a competition as large as Miss Universe, you should never have to explain your answers and they should be very straightforward.