Donald Bren Sued By Illegitimate Children Christine Bren & David Bren


Donald Bren Sued By Illegitimate Children Christine Bren & David Bren – Donald Bren, who is a billionaire real estate tycoon, has been sued by his illegitimate children. He was brought to court by his two adult children, saying that he was shocked when his previous lover told him decades ago that she was pregnant. He is one of the nation’s richest men, and is worth a total of $12 billion. He has spent a lifetime protecting his privacy.

The Twenty two year old Christine Bren and her 18 year old brother, David Bren, have sued him for $400,000 per month in child support that is retroactive back to the time that they were born. The total would come to about $100 million by the time that it is all said and done.

Bren claims that he and the mother of the children had spoken about the time about creating a legal agreement to provide for child care. He said that he was never interested in starting a family or marrying one another. Four contracts were created working out the details of the child support.

Bren said that he and gold had dated in the mid 1980’s but that she never slept over at his home and that the two of them saw each other much less frequently as time passed. He said that he was surprised that she had become pregnant because she was using birth control at the time.
“I felt I was betrayed in that she promised me she would be protected and she wasn’t,” he said.