Huguette Clark:Mystery Surrounds 104-Year-Old Heiress Who Is Alone


Huguette Clark:Mystery Surrounds 104-Year-Old Heiress Who Is Alone – Huguette Clark has long since been a mysterious figure in the world of the American society of age and wealth. But recent looks into her life, her fortune, and her past have caused more speculation than ever, specifically about who is looking out for her.

Clark lives in a single room in a New York hospital now, where she just turned 104 this month. But she has three empty homes, all kept but not lived in for several decades. Instead, she has always chosen to stay away from her two mansions and large Manhattan apartment, and live a life filled with one room, dolls, and cartoons.

Huguette Clark

Her estate is handled by a handful of lawyers (who allowed her $6M precious Stradivarius violin to be sold without her knowledge), and an accountant. But the accountant has had his own share of scandals, such as being well behind on his income taxes, and having been registered as a sex offender with several felonies behind the charge.

She has no children, her relatives have apparently been barred from visiting her by those caring for her estate, and has only one friend who is suffering Alzheimer’s, and so unable to be with her, and she is single.
All of this raises the question of what is being done with her homes, her millions, and health? Who is watching out for her, and where will everything go when she passes? Her legendary reclusive nature, which has endured well beyond her elderly life, leaves us without answers.