Dr. Laura Quits: Dr. Laura N Word Controversy


Dr. Laura Quits: Dr. Laura N Word Controversy – Dr. Laura has quit after creating controversy after using the n-word multiple times on her show. The radio host had come under fire since that time, and sponsors continued to drop out. She was constantly being charged with being racist on editorial pages, and she was unable to survive the latest round of fire. Her career has been filled with controversy, but racism is something that many are just not willing to put up with, especially sponsors.

On “Larry King Live,” Dr. Laura Schlessinger addressed her use of the n-word once again. She also announced that at the end of this year, her contract will expire and she will not be renewing it, effectively ending her long run as a radio show host. The decision was not seen as a sad thing by the doctor, and instead she said that it would allow her to regain her first amendment right to the freedom of speech.

While her decision to quit seems surprising to many, she acted as if it made perfect sense to her. Some of her fans are perplexed, as she has faced accusations like this before and has always remained on the radio. She did release a public apology the day after using the word, but when making her announcement to quit she seemed to be much less apologetic.

She used the word alongside the age-old complaint that African-Americans were able to say the word, so she should be able to was well. You can understand why she would receive negative responses for the viewpoint, but few expected it to force her into retirement.