Barack Obama Accuses Republicans of Being Corporate Allies


Barack Obama Accuses Republicans of Being Corporate Allies – President Barack Obama has been making his way across the country to gather support for the Democrats for the coming votes in November, where they are facing a possibility of being ousted from the majority in Congress.

During his campaigning, the president called our Republicans on several issues, accusing them of being for big business, despite the traditional view of old conservatives to fight for the little guy in a massive economy.

In his speech in Wisconsin, he listed the many policies the Republicans had voted ‘no’ on, including tax breaks for small business owners, eliminating tax breaks for those who chose to outsource jobs overseas to save money, and clean energy projects, which could create a large amount of revenue for the damaged economy.

Republicans have faced criticism for these votes in the past, but they argue that they were justified, and a way of keeping government small. However, they have made other pricey decisions which would disprove this defense, such as the bank bailouts.

Whatever the reasons, many companies have received support from Republicans in the past, such as when BP was actually given an apology by a Texas Congressman follow a grilling by President Obama about the oil spill in the Gulf.

It was instances like these that came up during the Wisconsin speech, but it is unlikely to make much of a difference. Democrats have been losing support even from the Left, based on issues like the economy, the bailouts, the wars, foreign policy, and gay marriage.