Kieron Williamson Paintings: 8-year-old Painting Prodigy Art is Selling


Kieron Williamson Paintings: 8-year-old Painting Prodigy Art is Selling – An 8 year old painting prodigy has taken the art world by storm. He is Britain’s most talked about young artist, and his paintings are already earning him huge amounts of money. There is a long list for his work, but he continues to paint at his own pace, as he sees fit. He has not been well known for long, and continues to try to adjust to all of the attention that he is receiving from the media and professionals in the art sector.

Keiron Williamson has become a worldwide sensation seemingly overnight. All 33 of his paintings which included pastels, watercolors and oil paintings sold in his latest exhibition, and people are eagerly awaiting more work from the young artist.

He has a website and a business card, which is huge news for someone so young. Strangers routinely approach him at the art gallery, and ask him to sign postcards of his work. Journalists continue to ask the young man for interviews, so you can imagine why he has had a hard time adjusting to his newfound celebrity.

His parents describe their experience as “overwhelming,” but also have said that they are very proud of their son.
“We don’t understand it. We don’t know where it comes from. But he’s adamant it’s what he wants to do. When your child has got such a gift and a talent, you have to support him,” his mother, Michelle Williamson said during a recent showcase.
At his current rate, he will become a millionaire off of his work alone by the time he is old enough to handle his own money.