Denise Mosier: Death Of Nun Illegal Immigration Backlash


Denise Mosier: Death Of Nun Illegal Immigration Backlash – Anti-immigration sentiment has been spreading in certain parts of the country. In Arizona, the shooting death of a rancher blew the lid off of border security and caused the state to take another look at their plans for the future. Now, a similar eruption threatens Virginia following the death of a popular nun. She was killed in a car accident by a man in the country illegally, and he was drunk behind the wheel.

The Benecdictine Sisters of Virginia tried to discourage using the death of Denise Mosier as a tool for an illegal immigration agenda, saying only that Christ would like us to forgive, rather than punish.

It will be interesting to see how the incident further changes the face of the debate. Could this potentially lead to a situation that is similar to the one that occurred in Arizona, which has had pieces of their bill blocked by the Supreme Court? They are currently in the process of appealing the restrictions.

The restrictions had stated that cops are not allowed to demand immigration information from individuals during traffic stops, saying that it impeded the US’s ability to police the border the correct way.

A number of individuals have come forward since Sister Denise Mosier was killed, and have asked that stricter laws be put in place to prevent this type of thing from happening again. Although the issue really has nothing to do with immigration, other than the fact that she was killed by someone who was in the country illegally, doesn’t mean that people will not use it as an example or platform.