Walter : Dog Saved By A Blog


Walter : Dog Saved By A Blog – Walter the pit bull dog is lucky to be still alive. Not too long ago, he was a severely abused pup in Brooklyn, left to die on a street by a neglectful owner.

Alex Darsey and Ro Juska are the guardian angels of this puppy, saving his life and giving him the best of love and care after such a horrid beginning.

Walter, when they found him however, was in such bad shape they could not afford to pay for the vet bills. So, they turned to the internet and to starting a blog, to see what would happen.

“Help Save Walter” was a blog, and was also given a facebook page.

“We were hoping to reach out to close friends and family that lived out of town to just kind of give a little bit of help, let people know his story,” Juska said “[But] it was overwhelming overnight.”

Animal lovers are all over the world, and they answered the prayers of Walter and his caring family.
It wasn’t just money that was donated, but stories and pictures of stories similar from all over the world, who have found animals in similar conditions and cared for them.

Four months after starting the blog, Walter is now near a picture of health, a big change from what could have been.