President Barack Obama Blames Bush & GOP for Weak Economy


President Barack Obama Blames Bush & GOP for Weak Economy – President Barack Obama has fallen under increased criticism in recent months for the slow economic turnaround and many of the other problems that now face our country. He maintains that he simply inherited a bad situation, and is in the process of turning things around as quickly as he can. At a recent event for the Democratic Party, he criticized republican officials, saying that their thought process was the same that George Bush had, and will simply lead the country right back to where we were previously.

“They don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas–not one,” Obama said to the crowd. It is strange to hear him address Bush directly, as he usually chooses to refer to that entire staff as “the previous administration.”

Obama maintains that the republican policies are responsible for our current downtrodden economic situation, and that we need to think progressively, and not retroactively. He pointed out that many republicans would like to give tax cuts to millionaires, slice rules for special interest groups and leave the middle class to fend for themselves, even in the toughest of times.

The Obama administration has said that they would like to extend the tax cuts that were put into place by the Bush administration for individuals that are making less than $250,000, but has opted not to extend the tax cuts for individuals that are making over that amount.
He also criticized republican officials for only pushing their own agenda, and fighting the overhaul of health care and Wall Street regulation tooth and nail.