Pakistan Floods 2010 : 27,000 Stranded


Pakistan Floods 2010 : 27,000 Stranded – The recent flooding in Pakistan has already killed over 1,000 people, and the country fears that the disease that will spread as a result of a lack of drinking water will only make matters worse. There are still a reported 27,000 people who are stranded by the flood water. Both the United States and the United Nations have pledged $10 million apiece to the relief efforts.The Pakistani Army has mobilized their army of 30,000 troops to aid in the rescue of those who are stranded without food and water.

The country is attempting to airlift individuals out of the worst areas, but the air lifts are time consuming. It is thought that 1,500 of the 27,000 who are stranded are tourists and are only visiting the country.
Rescuing them by air is a long process that could complicate the mission even more. Army helicopters can only transport two to three people at one time, and there are not enough helicopters to go around to move everyone effectively.

“People are waiting on their rooftops and some have not eaten for two or three days,” said Noor-ul-Wahid, a spokesman for a Pakistani nongovernmental aid organization “Their wells are contaminated; they are in dire need of fresh water and water filtration units.”
Aid groups from other countries are making their way to Pakistan in an effort to bring the hardest hit areas the food and water that they need to survive. The process should take a few days, but the country hopes that they will be able to save as many lives as possible during the process.