Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures & Chelsea Clinton HoneyMoon Details


Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures & Chelsea Clinton HoneyMoon Details – Pictures from the much-hyped Chelsea Clinton would be worth a lot of money, the day after the event. It was one of the most secretive social events of the year, and no members of the media were allowed inside to take any sort of pictures. A number of pictures from the wedding did make their way to the web, and most of them appeared on the Huffington Post and Washington Post websites.

The Washington Post was able to put together 48 pictures from the event, while the Huffington Post was able to get ahold of 22 of them. The event was very secretive, but now those who attended are more willing to share information now that it’s over. None of the photos show any of the famous politicians who were rumored to be in attendance.

Former President Bill Clinton was looking great for the event. He was asked to lose fifteen pounds for the wedding, and it appears that he was able to reach his goal, given his new physique. One of the wedding photos that leaked is a picture of Bill walking his daughter, Chelsea down the aisle.

Five of the pictures have the couple together in the shot. Chelsea was wearing a Vera Wang white gown, and the groom was wearing a dark suit that looked really great on him. Three of the wedding photos have the couple together; the other two that the couple is pictured in also have Bill and Hilary Clinton in the shot.
There’s no word on where Clinton and Mezvinsky plan on going for their honeymoon but rumors claimed they are going to European.