Basil Marceaux Website:GOP Candidate


Basil Marceaux Website:GOP Candidate – Basil Marceaux has become an overnight celebrity for his radical views in Tennessee’s gubernatorial election. The ex-marine filmed a number of videos for his campaign, in which he claims that he believes that everyone should carry guns, and that the state should use every vacant lot as farmland to help pay for expenses. He is running dead last in the election, but has received a lot of attention online.

Basil Marceaux’s website can be found at the following address

Last week, one local news station gave him a few minutes to pitch his campaign platform. During his few minutes on television, Marceaux said that he wanted to “stop traffic stops,” and appeared to have been drunk at the time.

He is currently recording about one percent in the polls but is getting more attention online than any of his rivals due to the hilarious video that made its way online.
The Tennessee election is filled with characters, including Representative Zach Wamp, who suggested that the state should secede from the Union. Ron Ramsey, who is running in the same election, questioned whether or not Islam is really a religion.
Compared to the other candidates, Marceaux seems to fit in quite nicely. When he was asked what he thought about his newfound celebrity online, he said that he always knew that it would happen, because there are many who believe in the same things as he does.
“I always knew it would happen because I’m sure everyone feels like me,” he says. “It just takes guts.”