3D Lens Lumix Cameras Revolution


3D Lens Lumix Cameras Revolution – Panasonic revealed a prototype 3D lens doe their Lumix DSLR range today. This new technology will allow people to capture their photographs in 3D. The way that the 3D lenses actually work is not surprisingly fairly complex. There are two lenses placed side by side which transmit light to the camera’s image sensor. The images then produced would be three dimensional. It is said that the lens should be available by the end of this year, and it will be compatible with all Panasonic Lumix cameras that use the G Micro System mount.

The progress was announced at a news conference in Tokyo today, along with a prototype of the new lens. At the same time, Panasonic announced that they would be making their first three dimensional camcorder. However, Panasonic does face a lot of competition from rival camera makers as there are many who have already released their first 3D cameras and camcorders.

Fortunately, there are some advantages to the Panasonic 3D lens. The images taken on a Panasonic 3D lens will be able to be viewed on a 3D television. As mentioned above, the lens will be made available by the end of this year. It looks set to be a huge success, mainly because of the very good reputation that Panasonic has for electronic items. Many people will have already purchased a 3D lens from a different manufacturer, but it seems that the Panasonic lens may be something that is worth waiting for.