Chocomize Story hits Mainstream


Chocomize Story hits Mainstream – When a combination of chocolate, marshmallows, granola and Gummi Bears melted into a hot, sticky mess in the back of Nick LaCava’s car, he did the opposite of what most people would do and decided not to throw it away. When he and his friends arrived back to his house, he threw the bag into the fridge in hopes that it would solidify. A few hours later, when the chocolate had hardened again, his friends dared him to eat it.
“It actually was really delicious,” LaCava said. “That was the moment that the light bulb went off in our heads.”

Nick LaCava, Eric Heinbockel and Fabian Kaempfer had accidentally stumbled onto an idea that would one day make them all successful. The three of them had been trying to break into the financial world and had been having a hard time finding a decent-paying job, until they accidentally created their own candy.

The trio had been considering making their own company for quite some time, and after accidentally creating their own chocolate creation, they decided that they would create a customized chocolate company that would allow people to go online and create their own chocolate bars.

They are able to add ingredients like nuts, fruits, spices and candy alongside dark, milk, or white chocolate. The brilliant idea has turned into an online overnight success, and the three young business graduates have finally found a job that pays great that the three of them enjoy. They said that the hardest part about the whole ordeal was taking the risk to get the business started.