$35 Tablet Computer


$35 Tablet Computer – An Indian company has thrown a huge spanner in the works for manufacturers of tablet PC’s, by creating one that costs a mere thirty five dollars. This tablet PC is going to offer huge competition to the likes of the Apple iPad and many other tablet PC’s. The device, unveiled by

India’s Human Resource Minister Kapil Sibal has some very obvious advantages. He claims that the because of the small price of the device itself, children in rural and poor areas of India will be able to get a much better education. It is also claimed that the tablet will have an option to charge it by solar powe5r.

The device which is set to be produced next year is due to eventually drop to an outstandingly small price of just ten dollars. Although the price that it is going to start off at makes it highly affordable as it is. The device contains everything that a PC user would need, including a PDF reader, USB ports, a web browser, and much more.

The Linux operating system makes for a good reputation too.
The price is set to be cut down within the first few months of it being in production, mainly to ensure that most children will be able to have one. It is also claimed that the government aims to cut the price again after that. All in all it seems like the company have certainly caught onto a winner here.