Arizona Immigration Law in Court


Arizona Immigration Law in Court – The US is challenging the Arizona immigration law that gives police the right to ask for immigration documentation from individuals that are deemed as “suspicious” by the officer himself. The law has created a buzz around the country focusing on the topic of immigration. Protests for both sides happened around the country. With the law going into effect, the US is challenging the immigration law in court.

A US judge grilled lawyers for the Obama administration and lawyers for Arizona about the legality of the state’s new law. The US government is looking to receive a preliminary injunction that will block the implementation of the bill on Thursday. They said that want to run an investigation themselves regarding whether or not they should make changes to the federal laws.

Obama himself has said that he believes that there needs to be one standard within the country regarding immigration, and that each state passing separate laws will only make things within the country more confusing.
She also questioned the lawyer for the state of Arizona about the administration’s worry that the law will impact foreign policy. Mexico will certainly have a problem with the new law.

Detractors of the bill have said that they believe that the law will lead to increased racial profiling. Opinion polls consistently show that the law is supported by a majority of US voters, but the issue continues to be a point of debate for many in the country. This will be one of the biggest rulings in the history of immigration.