Google Launches Coverup:Alex Jones New Conspiracy Theory


Google Launches Coverup:Alex Jones New Conspiracy Theory – Alex Jones is perhaps the most well-known conspiracy theorist in the world. He is always claiming that one cover up or another is going on in the United States government. However, his latest accusation is a little bit different. Instead of targeting the United States government, he is now setting his sights on Google, which he claims is part of a huge cover up.

Jones claims that Google, which owns the popular video sharing service YouTube, removed a video of his from their service. The video, which is entitled “The Obama Deception,” makes a number of inaccurate statements about Barack Obama, and uses quotes that are taken completely out of context. A number of his videos have been removed for their content, which many consider to be paranoid, as well as for violating the company’s terms of service agreement.

After his video was removed, Jones asked that his readers type in the phrase “Google spies,” into the search engine to draw attention to the story. The phrase quickly climbed to the top of the Google Trends list, which is a tracker that displays all of the top-searched terms of the day.

Shortly after the keyword appeared on the list, it too disappeared. Jones claims that the company removed the keyword from the list, but the likelihood is that the searching for the phrase slowed down, and it naturally fell off of the list.

Jones is always involved in stories like this, and it is no surprise that he attacked Google after his video was removed for violation of terms.