Charice Pempengo Botox Controversy:Glee Plastic Surgery


Charice Pempengo Botox Controversy:Glee Plastic Surgery – A representative for teen star Charice has denied that she received Botox injections for cosmetic reasons. The rumor has been making its way around the Internet after The Associated Press reported that Charice had claimed that she received Botox injections so that she could “look fresh on camera.”

Almost immediately, cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo was contacted, and she told the press that the Botox was used to narrow her round face. She also revealed that Charice had received a skin-tightening procedure.
According to reports, Charice was looking at a number of different options that were presented to her before her “Glee” debut. The pressure was on, and she was looking for a way to live up to the pressure.

“Of course there is tremendous pressure,” Charice said in an interview.
After the story had already made its way around a number of media outlets, her representative spoke out and said that the injections were not given to Charice for cosmetic reasons. Instead, the rep claimed that Charice had received Botox injections “to relive a jaw problem similar to TMJ.”

She went on to say that the procedure was successful, and that it relieved some pain that Charice was having.
The rep went on to say that there was no reason for her to have Botox injections, simply because she does not have a wrinkle on her face. The excuse does make sense, as Botox is generally used to get rid of laugh lines and other facial wrinkles. It will be interesting to see how this admission affects Charice moving forward.