France Burqa Ban:Islamic Veils Banned in France


France Burqa Ban:Islamic Veils Banned in France – The French Parliament has approved a ban on wearing burqa-style Islamic face veils, according to reports that were released on Tuesday. The ban was made in an effort to protect French values that have disconnected many in the huge Muslim community that exists within France.
Many have said that the law should not be passed because it is prejudice. Lawmakers in the country have said that they can see why someone would believe that it is prejudice, but that they are passing the law for reasons other than race.

In the National Assembly that took place on Tuesday, there were 335 votes for the bill and just one against it. The main opposition group, the Socialist Party, walked in and for the most part refused to vote, even though many of them support the ban. Some inside the party have voiced an issue with where within the country the ban would be enforced.

Discussions regarding the face veil have dragged on for over a year, after Sarkozy said in June of 2009 that the religious garments were “not welcome” in France. Politicians have argued on both sides of the ball, but it appears that most of them agreed on the ban and were able to easily pass the bill.
The legislation would forbid face-covering Muslim veils in all public places in France, and would result in a $185 fine if they are worn. The individual also may be required to attend citizenship classes.