Accused Russian Spies Traded


Accused Russian Spies Traded – The suspected Russian spies have been deported. A deal was made that exchanges the spies for four people who were convicted of spying on the West. The 10 suspected spies pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a courtroom in Manhattan and they were sentenced to time served and were ordered out of the country. Both US and Russian officials said that they would be exchanged for four individuals who were suspected of having spied on the West.
The swap will likely damage recent efforts to repair ties between the US and Russia amid deepening suspicion. The alleged spies were captured last week. Most of them lived fairly normal lives in suburban homes across the New York area.

They were accused of having embedded themselves in American life for more than a decade while they attempted to gather intelligence. Like something out of a Bond movie, each of them had a number of fake passports, code words, aliases, and encrypted radio signals.
Most of them held normal positions at the companies they worked for. One worked at an accounting firm, while another worked as a real estate agent.
 “The agreement we reached today provides a successful resolution for the United States and its interests,” said Attorney General Eric holder.
Despite the amount of press coverage the case has received, it doesn’t appear that the spies were able to dig up any intelligence of any worth during their time in the US.
“None of the people involved from my understanding provided any information that couldn’t be obtained on the Internet,” said Chapman’s attorney, Robert Baum.