Illegal Immigration:McCain Supports Ban


Illegal Immigration:McCain Supports Ban – The ever controversial John McCain has stated in a radio interview that he supports plans to deport illegal US residents.
McCain is taking the extreme right wing to combat candidacy approaches from J. D. Hayworth the radio show host, and former US Congressman, who has put his name into the election process which is due to take place in November this year.
McCain said that there should be no forgiveness, and stated that immigrants needed to be ‘sent back’. McCain is supporting the reform that creates a working program for immigrants but is fully against granting any form of citizenship to these immigrant workers.

McCain believes that having a temporary working policy for immigrants is essential to having a successful border policy in the long term.
As many will be aware, Arizona will introduce a separate controversial law on the 29th July. The law states that immigrants have to carry documentation to prove their status, and police openly have to question individuals if they believe them to be immigrants.
Of course, the Justice department has not taken kindly to these potentially disruptive laws and has stated that they are likely to file a law suit to get this law removed from the State of Arizona.
McCain, who was the Republican nominee for the presidential election against Barak Obama, has never been shy of debate. In an interview McCain recently stated that immigrants where causing road accidents on purpose, and that the American Citizens where not safe because their borders where not secure due to lax laws set in the Whitehouse.